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Turns out it's surprisingly expensive to purchase But in hindsight (vote Hindsight 2020), while this site is about me, it's for you too. I want to build my skill, yes. But I also want to share the things that are currently important to me. Learning how to share them is going to be a growing experience for me. And I hope that it's a blessing to you.

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I'm always concerned about over-hyping a book, movie, podcast, or whatever I'm currently into. I get very enthusiastic about the things I enjoy, and want to share them with everyone around me. Thus, I'm not going to belabor the fact that this is my favorite series, by my favorite author. Instead, I'm going to tell you something else about the series as a whole.


In my opinion, this is a case study in leadership. Three main characters (and the innumerable supporting characters that a 10-volume series inevitably spawns) must choose who to be in light of their past scars. What does it mean to serve and lead those around you? 

The Way of Kings, by Brandon Sanderson - book cover
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