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Magic: the gathering

I started playing Magic in the summer of 2005. I played through most of college, and have played sporadically since then. The difficulty has always been finding an enthusiastic, consistent play-group.


Magic can be played in MANY different ways. My two favorite ways are, in some senses, diametrically opposed: 

  • Commander, a multi-player format all about splashy plays that you can't make in any other format
  • Draft, a 1-vs-1 format that tests your ability to make swift assessments, and tight, careful decisions

Turns out it's surprisingly expensive to purchase But in hindsite (vote Hindsite 2020), while this site is about me, it's for you too. I want to build my skill, yes. But I also want to share the things that are currently important to me. Learning how to share them is going to be a growing experience for me. And I hope that it's a blessing to you.

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