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The Sound of Rescue

They identify as "post-rock," which Google assures me is not just a hand-wavey reluctance to categorically define themselves.


Rather, "Post-rock is a form of experimental rockcharacterized by use of rock instruments primarily to explore textures and timbre rather than traditional song structure, chords or riffs. ... Prominent post-rockgroups include Sigur Rós, Explosions in the Sky, Mono, Godspeed You!


Fine. It's a real thing. They do still nod to their rock roots with some rhythm-heavy tracks, and even albums. Others are gentle meanderings. Which is also the name of my adult-sized onsie.


You can find their music on Bandcamp, and can even listen for free for a bit:

Turns out it's surprisingly expensive to purchase But in hindsite (vote Hindsite 2020), while this site is about me, it's for you too. I want to build my skill, yes. But I also want to share the things that are currently important to me. Learning how to share them is going to be a growing experience for me. And I hope that it's a blessing to you.

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Album Art for "The Sound of Rescue" - linked to the relevent Bandcamp page

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Jae Jackson

My brother has been making music, and I find it pretty catchy. He has it up on Spotify and Bandcamp now, and I encourage you to check it out.

Warning, it IS explicit. 

Link to Jae Jackson on Bandcamp

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